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As the name suggests (bit corny I know, but it makes the point of what this site is all about), this site is for when you truly fed up with being disappointed. never quite getting what you really wanted; when you finally get to the point where you are asking "Is this all there is to life?"

If that is the point you have reached, fear not, help is at hand.

Best Possible YOU-niversity (B.P.Y.) provides you with an increasing number of learning modules designed to take you off the treadmill of despair and place you on the patwway to becoming the Best Possible You (however you envisage that might work itself out)

The material on this site is completely free of charge, however, each of the modules will be offered in MP3 and P.D.F formats along with an accompanying workbook to help maximise the learning experience as they are each developed Details on how you can access the upgraded package (when they are available) for each of the modules can be found on the module index pages.

Moving around this site can be achieved by use of the Navigation Bar at the top of the page with the following guide:
Where it says "Module Index" clicking on that link will take you to (or back to) an index of a particular module. That will allow you to move in and around a specific module.

Where it says "Modules Available" clicking on that link will take you to the list of modules currently available through B.P.Y.

The other navigational links that appear are for single pages which deal with the topic of the link. Those particular links do not necessarily appear on the top of every webpage, but only when they are considered (by me) relevant to the page you are on at the time.

B.P.Y. is the master site for a lot of my work. It dovetails neatly with other related aspects of my writing, thoughts and ideas, all of which can be accessed by clicking on the links to the right which will take you to the relevant sub-domains related to that topic. .

I trust you will find the time you spend here on my website beneficial. Thank you for allowing me to journey alongside you, even if it's only for a short while.

Graham J Hunt
I am an Old Bald Dreamer
Come dream with me and let's make
This world a better place
one life at a time, starting with yours